How it Works

How it works–

1. Schedule a drop off time. Drop off times are not scheduled more than two weeks in advance. Email or call 850-324-3660.
2. Register on MyCM and pay the $10 consignor fee.
3. Wash and neatly fold your items in cardboard boxes or plastic bins. (Boxes and bins will NOT be returned.)  Please do not send clothing in trash bags.
4. Print and sign the WeeTag Express agreement AND the mom2mom waiver found on our website.
5. Check your items carefully before dropping them off. Any items deemed unacceptable by mom2mom will not be returned.  They will be donated.
6. Drop off your items at the determined time. You must bring hangers for your items. (Hangers for sold items are NOT returned to the seller.)  Turn in both of your signed waivers (consignor and WeeTag Express) and pay the $10 tagging fee.  (This covers the cardstock/ink/pins, etc. needed to tag up to 150 items.  If you have more than 150 items, the tagger will send you an invoice through Paypal for the additional fees.)
7. Shop at the Consignor Presale. (Check the sale schedule on our website.)
8. Watch your earnings online at MyCM. (Note:  Your settlement report on MyCM will show your profit at the 70/30 split.  However, your check will reflect the 50/50 split agreed upon for the WeeTag Express Service.
9. Pick up your items at the designated pick up time. ALL ITEMS LEFT AFTER THE PICK UP DEADLINE WILL BE DONATED.–NO EXCEPTIONS!