Merchandise Prep

 Merchandise Preparation

 What’s Accepted:

  • 150 pieces of your very best  children’s and teen clothing.  150 only applies to clothing.
  • Please see FAQ page for acceptable clothing.
  • Because teens are more “choosy” than children, we only accept certain brands for consigning:  GAP, Old Navy, Abercrombie, Aeropostle, American Eagle, Ralph Lauren, Izod, and Hollister.
  • Maternity Clothing:  all seasons accepted, but limited to 10 items.
  • Only 5 pairs of shoes accepted, regardless of condition. Shoes in zip lock bags will not be accepted. 
  • Toys, games, books, puzzles, dolls.
  • DVD’s, and CD’s in their orginal cases. (NO VHS TAPES ACCEPTED)
  • Bikes, ride on toys, slides, cars, playground equipment
  • Strollers, high chairs, pack-n-plays, bouncy seats
  • Nursery items:   monitors, mobiles, bedding, bibs, blankets
  • Juvenile furniture
  • Regular furniture:  antique furniture, dining room sets, bedroom furniture, end tables, coffee tables, book cases hutches, desks, lamps.  (No household items or fabric covered furniture.)
  • NO STUFFED ANIMALS!  (These will be donated to charity isf found on sales floor.)
  • NO UNDERWEAR OR SOCKS UNLESS BRAND NEW in the original package.
  • NO GENERIC GRAPHIC T-SHIRTS.  (Shirts that say things like:  “Jones Elementary 2001” will not sell and will be donated.)
  • mom2mom does not accept any recalled items.
  • Please check Consumer Product Safety Commission website

For more information on product safety, click the button below:

Product Safety

Attention:  We do not accept car seats  or bases because of the recommendations of the Safe Kids of Northwest Florida.  However, we do accept stroller systems that have infant carriers that attach.


  • You must follow directions or you items may not pass inspection at CHECK-IN.
  • All clothing must be clean and smoke free.
  • All clothing must be on hangers-even onesies.  Smaller clothing may be grouped together or hangers.
  • Clothing in baggies or ziplocs is NOT accepted and will be donated if found on sales floor.
  • No stained clothing or clothing with holes accepted.
  • All snaps, buttons, and zippers must work.
  • If batteries are needed, plesae included with the item or item may not sell.
  • Clean all toys and equipment.
  • Items must include all parts.
  • Games and puzzles must have all pieces.
  • Small toys may be grouped together in ziplock bags.
  • TAGS:  Must be WHITE CARDSTOCK  No paper tags or colored tags will be accepted.  Print tags 8 to a page 2.5×4.5.  Do not bold print or shrink.  Items will not be accepted if tags are not correctly printed. 
  • Pants must be safety pinned to the top of the hanger on each side.  Pin them close enough to the center that they do not slide around.
  • Double tagging – This is an optional tagging guideline. This is not a requirement at this time. To help cut down on lost and found items, we are suggesting that you double tag your items by writing your consignor number and price on a piece of tape and taping this to the back side of the garment’s inside tag. This way if your tag gets separated from your item, there will be a second tag for us to look at.
  • Hangers are to face to left.  Looks like a question mark.
  • Toys/Baby Equipment:  Attach tag to item or baggie with packing tape if you cannot use safety pin.
  • Clothing:  Attach card with safety pin to the upper right front of the garment.  SEE DIAGRAM BELOW.  No tagging guns please.

Shirt pants