Merchandise Prep

 Merchandise Preparation

 What’s Accepted:

  • 150 pieces of your very best  children’s and teen clothing.  150 only applies to clothing.  If you have more than 150 clothing items, you may register for another consignor number.  (This requires paying another registration fee and requires a different email address.)
  • Please see FAQ page for acceptable clothing.
  • Do not bring adult clothing and mark it as junior or young men.  Junior and young men clothing should be “Teen Approved” items.
  • Maternity Clothing:  all seasons accepted, but limited to 10 items.
  • Only 5 pairs of shoes accepted, regardless of condition. Shoes in plastic bags will not be accepted. 
  • Toys, games, books, puzzles, dolls.
  • DVD’s, and CD’s in their orginal cases. (NO VHS TAPES ACCEPTED)
  • Bikes, ride on toys, slides, cars, playground equipment
  • Strollers, high chairs, pack-n-plays, bouncy seats
  • Nursery items:   monitors, mobiles, bedding, bibs, blankets
  • Juvenile furniture
  • Regular furniture:  antique furniture, dining room sets, bedroom furniture, end tables, coffee tables, book cases hutches, desks, lamps.
  • ONLY LICENSED CHARACTER STUFFED ANIMALS ACCEPTED! (This means Mickey Mouse, Spongebob, Big Bird, Dora, etc.)  Any “generic” stuffed animals found on the sales floor will be removed and donated.
  • NO UNDERWEAR OR SOCKS UNLESS BRAND NEW in the original package.
  • NO GENERIC GRAPHIC T-SHIRTS.  (Shirts that say things like:  “Jones Elementary 2001” will not sell and will be donated.)  Polos for local private schools are accepted.
  • mom2mom does not accept any recalled items.
  • Please check Consumer Product Safety Commission website

For more information on product safety, click the button below:

Product Safety

Attention:  We do not accept car seats  or bases because of the recommendations of the Safe Kids of Northwest Florida.  However, we do accept stroller systems that have infant carriers that attach.


  • You must follow directions or you items may not pass inspection at CHECK-IN.
  • All clothing must be clean and smoke free.  We recommend clothing be freshly laundered and as wrinkle free as possible.
  • All clothing must be on hangers-even onesies.  Smaller clothing may be grouped together or hangers.
  • Clothing in baggies or ziplocs is NOT accepted and will be donated if found on sales floor.
  • No stained clothing or clothing with holes accepted.
  • All snaps, buttons, and zippers must work.
  • If batteries are needed, please included with the item or item may not sell.
  • Clean all toys and equipment.
  • Items must include all parts.
  • Games and puzzles must have all pieces.
  • Related small toys may be grouped together in ziplock bags.
  • TAGS:  Must be WHITE CARDSTOCK  No paper tags or colored tags will be accepted.  Print tags 8 to a page 2.5 x 4.5.  Do not bold print or shrink.  Items will not be accepted if tags are not correctly printed. 
  • Pants must be safety pinned to the top of the hanger on each side.  Pin them close enough to the center that they do not slide around.
  • Double tagging – This is an optional tagging guideline. This is not a requirement at this time. To help cut down on lost and found items, we are suggesting that you double tag your items by writing your consignor number and price on a piece of tape and taping this to the back side of the garment’s inside tag. This way if your tag gets separated from your item, there will be a second tag for us to look at.
  • Do NOT print new tags on the back of old tags.  This causes confusion at check out.
  • Hangers are to face to left–Looks like a question mark.
  • Toys/Baby Equipment:  Attach tag to item or baggie with packing tape if you cannot use safety pin.
  • Clothing:  Attach card with safety pin to the upper right front of the garment.  SEE DIAGRAM BELOW.  No tagging guns please.

Shirt pants