Shoes for Guatemala

This photo was taken from the village of Rio Negro

Searching for shoes…

…just the right size!

For the last several years, the consignors of mom2mom have been blessed with the opportunity to provide much needed shoes for the village of Rio Negro (Black River), Guatemala. In 2008, my son Channing and I were thrilled to go to this village, meet the people, and see the joy in their eyes as they received shoes. There were over 600 pairs of shoes collected during 2008. It was an amazing sight to see people of all ages so appreciative of this small gift. They said thank you over and over and explained that the shoes that they can afford in Guatemala do not last very long because of the rocky, mountainous paths they wald on every day. They said the American shoes are able to be passed on to others once they outgrow them.

The main source of income for the villagers is fishing and their resourcefulness is incredible. We saw the most beautiful crops of corn growing on the steep sides of the mountains, that made you woder how anyone could have gotten there to plant it. They are blessed with good amounts of rain and knowldge of how to grow many different things well in this area. This knowledge is passed down generation to generation. They take good care of their animals and we even saw a little chicken “hole” carved in the side of the hill so that the chickens could go inside during bad weather.

The people of Rio Negro are very loving and generous. Our team came to do a medical clinic for them and they in turn invited four other villages to come and be blessed. Each day, we watched as other villages came by boat to see the doctors, dentist, pharmacy, and receive shoes. A veterinarian also went with us to vaccinate their animals and give them advice about keeping their animals healthy. We left Rio Negro knowing how blessed we are… Not because of the “things” we have here in America, but because we had the opportunity to meet these people who are truly content. They blessed us!
October 2008