Supply Donor

Supply Donor 

Want to shop before the public, but don’t want to consign or volunteer? This is for you!

Supply donors earn a special presale ticket to shop Wednesday, August 14th, at 3 pm.
There are two options to choose from to donate supplies. In order to earn a presale ticket, you must buy all items from either option A or option B. The items are brand specific. To aid in your shopping, we have listed where each item can be bought. Both options come out to just under $20 each. The supplies can be dropped off during regular check-in times on Saturday and Sunday, no appointment needed. In order to attend the presale for supply donors, you must receive a presale ticket!
Option A: 

Brother LC201 black ink cartridge – Available at Best Buy

Georgia Pacific white cardstock 150 sheets- Available at Walmart

Option B:

Georgia Pacific white copy paper 500 sheets- Available at Walmart

Astro Brights paper 100 sheets- Available at Walmart

Scotch Storage Tape (clear)- Available at Walmart

Dritz Safety Pins 150 pieces Size 3- Available at Walmart

Dritz Safety Pins 200 pieces Size 1 & 2- Available at Walmart

Mainstays Wooden Clothespins 50 pack- Available at Walmart