What’s New

What’s New?


  • Checks will be ready at pickup.  Once check is picked up, all sales are final.
  • NEW SCHEDULE!  Our schedule is different this time.  We are offering more shopping days again.  Make sure you read the schedule on the Home page.
  • Check out our “WeeTag Express” service. Let us do the work for you.
  • CURB DROP OFF!  Curb drop off was a great success at our spring sale.  If you would like to truly “DROP OFF” your items, we are offering this service on Saturday, August 11 between 9am-12pm.  Appointments are limited and you must follow several requirements:
    • Register for Appointment online for Saturday, August 11,  anytime between 9am and 12pm.
    • ALL items must be DONATED since you are not staying for inspection.
    • No large furniture can be dropped off.  This can be brought at a separate time.
    • Clothes must be sorted by gender and in size order. For example:  boy size 6 must be tied or rubber banded together
    • Consignor fee is higher.  $10 is paid online but day of drop off you pay $5 cash for the service. Please have exact amount so we can keep the car line moving.
    • Appointments and fee is per CONSIGNOR NUMBER.  If you are dropping off for multiple friends or family, you must sign up for more than one appointment and pay $5 per consignor number.
  • A minimum of 30 items is required to consign. Items deemed inappropriate by mom2mom (such as but not limited to:  horror movies, adult movies, VHS tapes, car seats, dirty items, adult clothing, recalled items , etc). They will NOT be returned to you, but will be donated or disposed.