Why Consign

Why Consign?

  • To clean out and cash in!
  • mom2mom uses barcoded tags!  This ensures accuracy for consignors as well as speeds up the check out process.
  • Your account with mom2mom is through My Consignment Manager which allows you access to your account online.  You can view what sold during each day by checking your account the following morning.
  • Consignors earn 70% of their selling price. When using the “WeeTag Express” consignors earn 50% of their selling price. 
  • Consignors pay a $10 NON REFUNDABLE consigning fee paid at the time of registration.  (This fee goes to cover advertising for the sale, space rental, mailings, website, etc.  This fee alone does not qualify you to shop at the presales.  You must actually consign or volunteer to shop at the presales.)  Curb Drop Off does charge an extra $5 (See What’s New page). “WeeTag Express” also charges an extra $10 fee. 
  • We do the advertising and the selling for YOU!  No more garage sales.
  • Consignors shop before the public at our exclusive presales.
  • Name brand clothes, toys, books, games, baby items, and furniture at bargain prices!

Getting Started…

  • All consignors/sellers (new and returning) must register for each sale. A confirmation email will be sent to you.
  • All consignors must sign a waiver to consign with mom2mom. Click here to print/read/sign waiver.
  • Click the Register/Login button and create an account.  Once you have done this you will be directed to the paypal page.  You will need to pay your $10 nonrefundable consignor fee before your registration is complete.  You do not have to have a paypal account to use this.  You may use any credit or debit card.  You do have the option to mail a check but this will delay your registration.  Your registration will be complete once check has been received and cleared.  Then you will be able to log in to your account and enter items.
  • Mail checks to: mom2mom, 6530 N Blue Angel Parkway, Pensacola, FL 32526.
  • DISCOUNT YES OR NO:  When you are ready to enter your items, log into your account and click on “enter items.”  Here you will enter  item description,  size, and price.  If you choose “DISCOUNT YES” then your item will sell for half price on Saturday. If you choose NO, then the item will remain full price on Saturday.  Shoppers will be able to see the DISCOUNT NO or DISCOUNT YES on your printed tag.
  • DONATE:  To DONATE the item at the end of the sale, you will choose yes or no and a D will print on your tag.  Once you have made these choices and turned your items in at CHECK-IN with your inventory sheet, you can not make changes to your tags because it is saved in the barcoded system.  PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING YOUR LEFTOVER ITEMS.
  •  TAGGING:  For the easier way to tag items, enter 24 items at a time then print the 3 pages, cut tags and attach to your items. For tags to scan properly, tags must be the correct size.  Therefore 8 tags should print to a full page.  DO NOT BOLD PRINT TAGS OR MAKE TAGS SMALLER.  ALL TAGS must be on WHITE CARDSTOCK and 2.5×4.5 in size.  If tags print smaller, make sure print is set to print LANDSCAPE instead of portrait.  IF TAGS ARE NOT PRINTED CORRECTLY OR  ARE TOO FADED ITEMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Small tags and colored tags do not scan and create issues at checkout and are not accepted. Tags bar coded for “other” sales cannot be scanned in our system and items will NOT be sold. Items tagged with bar codes from other sales will NOT be returned.
  • Do NOT use the back of old tags to print new tags.  This causes confusion at checkout.
  • The crook of the hanger must face the left. (Looks like a question mark.)
  • SAFETY PINS are the MOST secure way to attach tag to item.  NO TAGGING GUNS.   Using anything else may result in an item losing it’s tag.  We will not sell an item that does not have a tag.  The item goes into LOST and FOUND for the consignor/seller to claim at the end of the sale.
  • You do not have to enter and tag all at once as you may always log into your account.  It saves all of your information each time.  You can click on manage inventory to see what you have entered previously.
  • You can continue to enter, edit and tag items until CHECK-IN.  Once CHECK-IN is over, the sale will LOCK and nothing else can be entered into the system.
  • CHOOSE ONLY 150 CLOTHING ITEMS FOR CHILDREN AND TEENS. YOU MAY GROUP ITEMS BECAUSE WE ONLY COUNT HANGERS.    If you have more than 150 clothing items, you are welcome to register for another consignor number.  Please note:  you must use a different email address for each registered number.
  • SORT YOUR CLOTHES:  Once you have finished tagging items, sort clothes by gender and size then group hangers together with rubber bands,  ribbon or zip ties.  This will save you time at CHECK-IN.
  • CHECK IN/DROP OFF TIME:  Make sure you have signed up for a CHECK-IN time.  If you run into a conflict with your time, email nataleefb@cox.net and we will do what we can to help.

Transferring Previous Items…

  • For Returning Consignors/Sellers, you do not need to re-enter or re-tag items from a previous mom2mom sale.
  • Register for the upcoming sale by logging into you account.  The first screen you will see will ask you to update your information such as email, phone number and mailing address.  Please make sure we have the accurate information on file.
  • Once you have updated information, click on Manage Inventory.
  • Click on Item Transfer, then choose from which previous sale to which upcoming sale.
  • Check boxes beside items you would like to transfer to current sale.
  • Click Transfer Item Now.

Check In…

  • There are two days of CHECK-IN.
  • Log into your account and select CHECK-IN time.
  • All consignors must sign a waiver to consign with mom2mom.  Please bring this with you to Check In.
  • On your appointment day, come to the fairgrounds. We are located in the expo hall that faces Mobile Highway.  Just follow the signs.
  • Come to the CHECK-IN table and a friendly staff person will get you signed in. Please bring your signed waiver with you. You will also receive your presale ticket once checked in.
  • Next, you will take your items to the inspection table where your clothing and shoes will be inspected by one of our organization team members.
  • CLOTHING MUST BE SEPARATED BY GENDER AND SIZES BEFORE YOU COME TO INSPECTION TABLE. This ensures that your check in process will be quick and painless. This also helps our volunteers when putting clothes on the racks.
  • They will return to you any clothing items that are not appropriate for our sale, at the time of inspection. Items placed on the floor by the consignor and are later found inappropriate will not be returned.
  • Read “Prep” page for what is acceptable for our sale. This tab is found directly under “consign” tab on the Home page.
  • Once clothing and shoes have been inspected, one of our team members will hang your clothing for you.
  • NOTICE:  If you bring inappropriate items (such as but not limited to:  horror movies, adult movies, VHS tapes, car seats or bases, dirty pack in plays, dirty high chairs, dirty strollers, shoes in zip lock bags, recalled items , etc) they will NOT be returned to you, but will be donated.
  • On CHECK-IN days there is NO browsing in the clothing racks.
  • CHECK-IN takes around 30 minutes depending of the number of items you have and the number of people in line.  We work hard to move things along very quickly.

Tips for New Consignors/Sellers…

  • Read entire website carefully, especially the “PREP” page.  Pay close attention to the tagging guidelines.
  • Consignors who use paper tags , straight pins, tagging guns, clothes pins, etc . WILL NOT be allowed to consign.
  • No children, strollers, or wagons allowed at presales.
  • Bring a laundry basket or large bag to hold your items while you shop.
  • Do not share your consignor number with someone.
  • Hangers are not returned.
  • Be careful!  BIGGEST FIRST TIME CONSIGNOR MISTAKE:  Do not price your items too high.  Take at least 75% off the original price of the item.
  • When in doubt, leave it out!  If you are not sure if an item will sell, it probably won’t.
  • mom2mom will only accept 150 clothing items totalThis does not count other items such as toys, book, nursery items, furniture, etc.
  • Consignors are allowed to create another account and number if they have more than 150 clothing items. This will require paying another registration fee for each consignor number. If you are trying to create another account, you will need a different email for each account. Many consignors use their spouse or children’s email address to register.

Pick Up…

  • All pick up will be on Monday, March 9th, from 5-7 p.m. ALL ITEMS NOT PICKED UP BY 7 PM WILL BE DONATED. This is explained on the waiver you must sign to become a consignor.
  • Your items will already be sorted by consignor/seller number except for larger items.
  • Any items that do not have a tag will be on the Lost and Found table.  It is the consignors responsibility to check lost and found before leaving the fairgrounds.
  • Consignors/sellers must sign for their items when coming to pick up.
  • We do allow other people to pick up your unsold items for you, however mom2mom is not responsible for items that person leaves behind.  We HIGHLY recommend that you pick up your own items, otherwise you are running a risk for that person to leave something behind.

More questions?  Go to FAQS page.